Your pain gives me power: Leigh Barudgo Signing Event in Leeds

I recently attended the Leigh Bardugo signing event in Leeds and as usual the trains were mayhem. So coming back included fleeing from one platform to another with 200 other people (who had all been stranded in Leeds for hours) because of a last minute platform alteration. And it being a Saturday Night in Leeds our journey home was filled with men and women chanting “where’s Gary gone?”

Who the f**k Gary is is anyone’s guess.


Leigh Bardugo is Queen.

She’s very funny in a self deprecating kind of way and I loved hearing her insights and stories. The event in Leeds was styled as purely an audience Q and A with a brief discussion on Ninth House.

Unfortunately for Leigh audience questions are not readers forte. There was a few dull questions and a few why do you even want to know that? questions.

Some cool facts I did learn was that Six of Crows was never meant to happen. King of Scars was always planned however and the sequel will probably be out in 2021. ALSO there should be a 3rd six of crows book in our future to finish the Grishaverse.

I also found out Kaz was supposed to be called Baz Brekker so I’m super grateful to Rainbow Rowell for taking that name because Baz Brekker just isn’t sexy.

Unfortunately for you guys I don’t remember all the Ninth House characters Starbucks order.

After the Q and A I asked to go to the front of the queue of the signing as all my trains were cancelled barring one that was in 40 minutes. The staff didn’t mess around and it was very much say hi, throw your books down and get moving.

For me I was longer because Leigh complimented my hair colour and we chatted about hair dye for 20 seconds.

Afterwards I ran back to the train station and bedlam ensued (as mentioned above).

But guys we did figure out who Gary was!

Some lady held up the train screaming for Gary after people had been chanting for an hour where’s Gary gone. Turned out he was just passed out on his own down the carriage and we finally got to see who he was when he stumbled off the carriage. This man had a whole carriage chanting his name for an hour and didn’t even react.

Then some girls started chanting Steve!

And you probably guessed it. A man started singing “who the f**k is Steve?”

10/10 would meet Leigh again.

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