How to work from home like a boss

Due to recent worldwide pandemic a lot of countries have been advised to work from home. So whatever the reason I guess if you are looking up how to work from home it probably means you are struggling with suddenly being at home all day with no one to really watch you or motivate you.

Here’s my tips on how to work from home like a boss:

Tip 1) You are being watched

Firstly if you are working from home you are probably using a work device or connecting to a work network. REMEMBER THIS. Don’t look at or search anything you wouldn’t want your boss seeing. Assume that everything you are doing is being monitored. This may sound paranoid but if you’re working from home your company has more reason to want to make sure you’re being productive and could be checking up on you.

Tip 2) Pretend you aren’t at home

Pots need doing? Floor needs hoovering? Living room looking a bit un-tidy? What would you do normally about these problems? Nothing. Because you would normally be at work and wouldn’t see these things need doing until you get home. Confine yourself to your work area and don’t go looking for jobs around the house. I limit myself to doing house chores on my lunchtime only but that brings me to my next point.

Tip 3) Avoid people not the sun

This doesn’t work if you are ill or quarantined obviously but if you are social distancing or avoiding people still go outside. Go for a walk. I myself have started popping to the shop everyday (not to panic buy) but to get a few bits and walk around.

Tip 4) Remain accessible to your colleagues

At work we aren’t allowed to have headphones in to listen to music when we work so you can bet what I did the second I started working from home. However I still need to be accessible. Put your phone on loud, put your computer sound alerts on, don’t deafen yourself with headphones and don’t leave your desk for long amounts of time. If you get a call you want to be in a position to turn anything you have on off as quickly as possible which doesn’t work if you’re lounging on the sofa and lost the remote and your manager is calling. Be smart about how you use your other devices whilst working.

Tip 5) Use your phone like you would at work

So this depends on your company and maybe I am just paranoid but it’s not gonna be a good look if people see me tweeting or replying to group messages when I am supposed to be at work. This is similar to the above tip but don’t get caught posting a story or photos or commenting on anything within work hours.

Tip 6) Speak rather than type

It is quite isolating working from home. No more being able to have a laugh or ask questions when you need it. So my best advice would be instead of typing something to a colleague give them a call instead. Even if it’s for something only small, you just wanna check something or have a quick question. My manager checks in with me twice a day to make sure I am still sane over Skype and it really does help.

Tip 7) Turn your location on

This is a joke but also true. Try to let people know when you are at lunch or finishing work for the day etc. They can no longer glance at your desk to see if you are there or not so updating your movements can be really helpful.

Please keep in mind I am a childless, 20 something who is lucky enough to have my own office room and I live with my boyfriend who is out at work most days, so these tips might not accurately apply to your own working from home experience.

2 thoughts on “How to work from home like a boss”

  1. This so doesn’t apply to me. Homeoffice is not possible for me unfortunately and I’m still going out everyday to catch my commuter train to go to work.
    But I still think those tips are really interesting. I have no experience of how homeoffice would be. Mostly I think it would put my desk to good use instead of doing everything at my dining table or the couch. But I always thought snack breaks would probably be a thing. This makes it sound more like you’re working for a spy agency, high concentration always. I love it. I wish I could work for a spy agency. Real question though: Do you think working from home makes you more productive or less?


    1. Haha I mainly was trying to make sure people didn’t get caught doing they shouldn’t. As for being more productive I would say yes but not the for the company. For example just because you are forced to go and sit at a desk all day doesn’t mean you are working more. While at home you can work and do all the things you can’t do when you’re at work. It’s a much better work/life balance.


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