Everything I’ve been doing during the lockdown besides reading

I originally thought when the UK Lockdown started that I would be so productive. My job always hindered my ability to really focus on my shop and now with that out of the way (I was furloughed) I had an abundance of free time to really focus on new designs, products and pushing my shop. I also figured I would get SO MUCH reading done, spend hours on my blog and take lots of photo.

Since what else is there to do all day?

Well it’s actually been very easy to not read at all when you are busy..

Being ill

Just to get this out of the way I did contract coronavirus with my boyfriend so I spent about a week and half doing nothing but binge tv and sleep!

Taking more time for my friends

My friends and I regularly text but I have spent more time video calling them all in the last few weeks then I have in years.


I got into the habit of baking something every week. I’ve made “Healthy” brownies, Banana Bread and Cinnamon and Nutella Cake. I’ve always loved baking but quite frankly I’ve not been very good at it so it’s nice to bake something that doesn’t end up being a total disaster. Not that all my bakes were perfect, one of my cakes deflated completely!

Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I am SO grateful for the timing of the new Animal Crossing as it’s definitely provided a welcome distraction. This game is so popular I’ve seen people drop £300+ on a Nintendo Switch (if they could find one as they were out of stock everywhere) just to get involved. Animal Crossing allows me to be creative whilst also succeeding goals and completely simple, peaceful tasks, plus the graphics are adorable. Now if all the villagers could stop doing yoga and weightlifting and making me feel bad about playing for 5 hours straight that would be great.

Exercising more

I luckily invested in a Cross-Trainer right before the lockdown and I have been going on it everyday (except when I was ill). I try not to leave the house unless it’s food shopping or the post office ( particularly after I was infected) so the cross-trainer has been a god send.

Watching reality TV

Honestly this is probably what I have spent most of my time on and it’s so bad but when I am stressed it helps me. When my boyfriend and I got coronavirus it hit him a lot harder than it did me and I genuinely thought he would need to go the hospital but I was worried he wouldn’t be able to. It was a very stressful time and with being sick myself I found it easier to shut my brain off and get invested in other people’s drama for a while.

Let me know how you have been keeping busy during this lockdown!

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