About Me

Hi there,

Her Paper World was started by me as a way for me to creatively express my love for books. This blog is my place to give my thoughts and opinions on the books that I loved and some that I didn’t love so much. It is my place to rant about plot holes, lament about character deaths and in general escape reality.

I’m no expert on writing and this book blog is not to analyse the authors writing ability. My thoughts are not a reflection on an authors ability to write a good story, but my own personal tastes. My book reviews will focus on the characters, the story and the worlds that are built within. Sometimes there might be spoilers but I will warn you of this.

I love to discuss books, I love to talk about books, I love to debate in general. If you disagree or agree with my opinions please comment I like to hear other peoples point of view.

Thank you so much for reading,