Spoiler Mini Review: Chain of Gold (The Last Hours) by Cassandra Clare

Whilst I enjoyed reading this book immensely I couldn’t help the feeling that I actually wished this series had nothing to do with Will and Tessa at all.

The Infernal Devices trilogy was always my favourite. I never enjoyed The Mortal Instruments with the incest sub plot and Clary’s incessant selfishness and unfortunately The Dark Artifices series was ruined for me by the third and final book. But The Infernal Devices had it’s own magical formula of historical fiction, romance and fantasy and I loved reading Will and Tessa’s story.

This is from someone who doesn’t usually enjoy love triangles.

So when I found out there would be a sequel set in the Shadowhunter world about Will and Tessa’s children I was beyond excited but unfortunately this book commits the stereotypical sin of reducing parents to ignorant background characters who don’t see what is right in front of them. Something I would never want for the Will and Tessa. They are completely clueless and devoid of personality.

Whilst I resented what was done to Will and Tessa to make a good story for their children I could still appreciate this book for what it was.

James Herondale is probably just as tragic and swoon worthy as his father, Cordelia Carstairs, Lucie Herondale and Anna Lightwood are definitely some of my favourite female characters and the twisted love story will be enough to keep you reading (even if the running around endlessly after demons and Cortana being OP as hell gets a bit dull).

This book is an excellent addition to the Shadowhunter universe.

Rating: 4/5 stars